Refurbished Cisco Firewall is designed in such a way that it looks like a new Firewall. A firewall is a networking device as well as a code of the program. It acts as a Gatekeeper of the network premises. We can instruct firewall. We can instruct it through the program. Firewall code is installed with some other devices or a special hardware device is designed especially for the firewall. Before it's working it is installed and then configured. Installation of a firewall and configuring a firewall are two different things. Installation means we are making it compatible according to networking devices. Configuring a firewall means we are setting it according to our needs. We can allow and block certain requests from the internet through the configuration process. While during the installation wizard we are just putting or connecting it with our network or networking device. So First we connect it with our networking device and then we configured it according to our use. Since it plays a very crucial role in network security so it should be configured with care. Because a firewall is a device that is going to face the network's incoming requests and responses.

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