Cisco Switch is an intermediary between computer devices and routers. Routers have a limited number of plug ports. So if the number of connected computing devices is more, then there is a need for extra ports to be available. But security is an important factor. So there is a need for a device that is secured but doesn't affect the communication channel. So owing to the above reasons and issues switch will play a great role. A switch allows multiple connections of computer devices at a time. It is more secured and reliable. It lasts long and smoothens the communication medium. The switch comes in various types. Depending upon their use, they are sold. Some switches are very good to use at the home level. The security at the home level is very low. This switch is known as an unmanaged switch. The other types of switches like a managed switch, LAN switch, and POE switch are high-level security switches as compared to a managed switches. These switches are commercial-level switches. So a switch can make the connection of multiple computer devices at a time smooth and fast. Also again there are a series of multiple switches. These switches are named according to their working capacity through serial name and number. There are multiple companies that provide Switch. Among them, Cisco is the best one. Cisco switches have great working capacity. The main advantage of these switches is that they last long. Even after one company had used it, then it is being used by 2-3 companies again. This happens because many small companies can't afford all the networking setup and modules so they use, used Cisco Switch.

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