Checkpoint is a type of firewall. It is also known as next-generation security set up for computer networking devices. It completely includes a well-connected security setup. In this set up the core components of Checkpoint are well connected with each other. The core components include security gateway, smart dashboard, Security management server, Internal networks (includes a computer, printer, and etc.), and the last one Internal and external networks. The internal and external networks are the outside networked devices. Security Gateway is the entrance for outside network devices requests. Security gateway selects which device to allow or forbid. Through checkpoint, each and every device request and response can be monitor. All the activities inside a network are also monitored. If any incident or fault incident occurs then, through the smart dashboard the fault occurrence element, resource or requests will be blocked. It is an excellent approach for enterprise solutions and also for small and medium sizes corporates. In checkpoints, data theft activity is very much low or at no cost. So It is a very essential and useful tool for IT Infrastructure.

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