Cisco Access point is a device that works as same a router. Access points extend the working capacity. The features which were not possible by routers are fulfilled by access point devices. As routers are connected with other devices with the wired or wireless medium. While these devices are connected with other devices in the wireless medium. Routers have less bandwidth as compared with access routers, These devices have high bandwidth. The number of devices connected with routers is up to certain limits, otherwise, it will impact the data bandwidth capacity. The number of devices connected with Cisco access points is more than routers, with a high supply of data rate and bandwidth. A router has less area range of network connectivity, while it has more area range. Cisco access points are mostly used in Enterprise solutions, corporate parks and etc. While routers are set up in a home network or small offices. A powerful cable is connected from a router to access points in order to provide a high bandwidth rate. So using an access point for a big network connection is a good approach. According to their features, functionality, and setup, it may be costly as compared to routers. So Buying second-hand access points will be a great thing. Second-hand doesn't mean it will not function. Its performance will be as same as the new one the only difference is that it is a Used Cisco Access point. Overall the functioning and features will be as same as the new one. Many small and medium-size office owners use refurbished access points in India.

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