Cisco routers are used for data transfer from internal devices to the outside network. There are various protocols on which routers work, like RIP (routing information protocol), OSPF (Open Shortest Path first), BGP (border gateway protocol) and etc. These protocols are nothing but a set of rules and instructions in a coded format on which the router works. The very first protocol i.e; RIP is used for setting up the route for the various routers. Routers are connected with other routers and communicate with each other by sending and receiving data packets. These data packets are nothing but data like email, image, video, text file and etc. All these data are encoded and divided into packets. Each packet contains a header and body. The header contains the sender and receiver data and IP address while the body contains the actual data. So these packets are transferred from router to router until it is received by the intended receiver of that data. After receiving that data, the actual body data is then decoded into its actual format. All these travelings of data from one router to another router are possible through the RIP. There are various routers available in the market. Among them, the best one is the Cisco router. Cisco router has various types of routers. Depending upon the workload we can buy the cisco routers.

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