Switches are a bridge between the internet networking device and computing device. A switch is connected with the router to receive and responds to request operations. Multiple computers can be connected through switches. Switches are used at the networking Level devices. Not only computing devices but also printers and other devices are connected with a switch. It sends and receives data packets from another networking device like routers. For receiving data packets it uses MAC address in order to select destination port address. Computer devices, printers, Xerox machines, and other devices can be connected with each other through switches. It identifies each device through its MAC address. A switch operates in the 2nd layer of the OSI Model. The datalink layer is the second layer of the OSI Model. It uses different modes of communications like unicast (one-to-one), multi-cast (one-to-many), and broadcast (one-to-all). Switches are used in Complex network architecture to facilitate proper network operations.
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