A network card is an integrated hardware component on the computer device. It is one of the main parts of the networking component. It is situated on the motherboard. It provides a communication medium in between computers and Other devices like routers, firewalls, bridges and etc. It is connected with other devices via buses. It is connected in the wired medium as well as in a wireless medium. In a wired medium, it is known as Ethernet NIC and in a wireless medium, it is known as wireless Network NIC. There are three other types in Ethernet NIC, they are 5-base T, 10-base T, and 100-base T respectively. In 5-base T, It was used for transferring data in kb and the data speed was very slow. 10-base T was used for communication on the telephone. Its speed was good. 100-base T ethernet was used for high-speed internet. The latest version of Ethernet NIC is 1000 base T Ethernet. It is also known as Gigabit Ethernet. The data transfer rate is 10 times higher than 100-base T. Wireless network card is attached to the computer's motherboard. Or in Routers hardware. Basically Network card is an integrated hardware component for computers that provide communication between other devices. It plays an important role in data speed. So if you want high-speed internet, wisely choose the best network cards. Among all, I suggest the Cisco Network Interface card. As CIsco is one of the best companies in terms of hardware components manufacturer. So the finished Cisco card will be great. Buying a new Cisco card may be costly you so go for a Used cisco card. These used cisco cards work the same as a new one. It is also known as a network adapter, LAN Card, network controller, connection card, physical network interface card and etc.

The main advantage of using a used cisco card is that you will get the same benefit at a low price. Also in refurbished cisco cards, you will get various varieties. Depending upon your configuration you can choose your card. These cards are easily available in markets. You can check and use it. Depending upon your needs you can change your network cards. Using a second-hand NIC will save you money. But before buying be sure that your device configuration should match the card's configuration. Used Cisco cards are available at cheap prices. We at Green IT Soluzione sell refurbished and used Cisco cards of good quality at an affordable price from Mumbai. We are not new in this business. We have decades of experience in selling second-hand hardware networking components and computer devices at a cheap price. We sell many products in good and excellent quality. Damaged products are not sold instead they are sent for waste. We don't sell damaged products. We only sell used networking products of Good Quality. For more information, you can visit our office in Sakinak. Sakinaka is In Andheri's east area. You can also avail good offer for our products on call.

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