A server is a device or a program code that provides various types of services to its clients. Server and clients follow client-server architecture. In this architecture, multiple client devices are connected with a single server, and also single client devices accessed multiple servers. The working process of this architecture is based on a request-response communication medium. The client requests data or resources from a particular server. The server processed the response according to the client's request. In simple terms, if I want to see a youtube video from a mobile phone or desktop, Then the youtube app installed on my phone will act as a client. On my search for a specific video. It will send a request on the youtube video server for accessing that video. On the basis of the search query, the youtube search engine displays a number of videos matching the keywords. Then I will select the appropriate video to watch. Then youtube search engine fetches the video from that server and the video will start streaming. This kind of activity happens with all the websites and apps. The whole Internet is based on a client-server architecture model. People searches for queries through a browser and the answers for those are fulfilled by the intended server. There are different types of servers. The application server, Computing server, catalog server, database server, fax server and etc are some of the types of servers. Many companies set up their private server in order to save their data from losses. They set up their own private server. For setting up their server they buy a server according to their needs and customized it according to its working. Companies like Dell, HP, Cisco, Samsung and etc provide their working server in a new condition.

Setting up a new server and customizing it may be costly. SO many people go for used servers. The used server is a second-hand server that works well as a new one. The main advantage of the refurbished server is that it comes at low prices as compared to new servers. The working capacity of a server is the same. This means you can get the exact working server even at low prices. So getting a server at a low price is a good alternative instead of buying a new one. These used servers are not too old. But the main reason behind those servers is, As many companies change their systems periodically in order to be safe from any kind of theft or data failure. The big corporates and companies have confidential data. Those data's details should be changed periodically but maintaining the same data on the same MAC address for a long time might be a risky option. So to avoid failures they change their systems. Then those systems are very useful for small companies or startups. Implementing a data server model for startups and small companies might be very costly So, In India, many small firms use the option of refurbished servers. It's not a bad option but a good choice. We at Green IT Soluzione provides all kinds of good quality used server at an affordable price in Mumbai. We provide Dell, HP, Cisco, and etc used hardware servers. For more information about the server quality details and features. You can visit our office at Andheri east, or you can just call us for more details. We have more than 10 years of experience in refurbished and used server selling. You can also check our presence.

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