An organization's security relies on various devices among them firewall is one. A firewall is a gateway to incoming and outgoing internet requests. A firewall comes as a piece of software as well as a hardware device containing firewall codes in it. In most computer devices firewalls is inbuild and used. While some devices use firewalls programs. There are various companies available that provide firewalls. They provide firewall code as well as a firewall device. Among all the devices Cisco is the best one. Cisco is one of the leading IT companies in the hardware and computer security. Cisco provides all solution products for hardware. They provide hardware products as well as software products. Cisco is a US-based company for IT products. Cisco has a very huge network of networking device selling. These devices are manufactured and supplied by Cisco. Many small companies and IT agencies used these devices. Network Engineers and Professionals are very well aware of this device. Most of the small companies and agencies uses used Cisco firewalls. This second-hand product works fine and good. Only it has a tag of old product, whereas the working is as same as a new one. It has the same features and working capacity as the new one.

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