A router is a networking device. It provides internet connectivity services to computer devices. Computer devices are connected with routers in order to connect to the internet. Routers are again connected with routers or other devices. When computer devices are in a home network then they are connected with the routers directly. When these devices are in commercial or office networks then these devices are connected with the router but through a switch. The switch provides a platform for multiple computing devices to connect with the router. Routers are available in the wired medium as well as in wireless medium. Basically, mobile devices are connected with the router in a wireless medium. The laptop and other devices are also connected with the router in a wireless medium. In a wireless router, devices are not connected with the sitch or other devices in fact they are directly connected with the router. The wireless router's speed is dependent upon the bandwidth and number of devices connected to it. If many devices are connected and bandwidth speed is low then the internet connectivity speed will be slow. If the bandwidth range is high and the number of connected devices in a network is low then the speed will be high. If bandwidth is high and connected devices are many then speed for each device may be normal, high, and low. It depends upon the device and router how they respond to each other in sending requests and receiving responses.
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