The network module is a piece of the program for implementing specific functions to the network stack. It is also known as the protocol stack. It is an application of computer networking protocols. There are several networking protocols on which computer networks architecture works. So network stack is responsible for the overall activity of networking modules. The protocol stack executes all the updated tasks at the request of the network module. So network module is dependent upon the network stack for functioning. The network module can behave as a provider module and client module. It depends upon its location inside the network stack.
There are two sides. One is the provider side, and the other one is the client side. Network modules can be provider modules as well as client modules. The location of the network module is critical to becoming a specific module. If it is on the provider side, then it will be the provider module. If it is at the client side that it will be the client module. The provider module is responsible for implementing the Network programming interface at the provider side of the network module. It registers with the network module to become the provider module. The client module is responsible for implementing the network programming interface at the client module. It registers itself with the network module to become a network module. Networking programming interface (NPI) provides a connection between two modules. It is how the other two modules are connected. A provider module is registered with a particular NPI. It will be attached to a client module of the same NPI. Therefore, a client module written with a specific NPI will be connected to the same NPI provider module.

After getting the overview of the network module in terms of software, it will be easier to understand the exact working of hardware equipment. All the devices like routers, switches, firewalls, etc, are connected with one and other in a particular network as network module or network module equipment. So buying a new network module may be costly. So setting up a used networking module in a specific manner will be cost-effective. All these devices are connected with one and other in a module as a whole. They are not new devices but refurbished network equipment. This used equipment works well and is cheaper in price as compared to the new ones. Also, the parts of these used networking devices will be available in the market. You can use the networking module as a whole without any worry.
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