A person named Pradeep Sindhu was a Scientist at Xerox's Palo Alto Research center. He was responsible for laying down the foundation of Juniper Networks in 1996. This company was founded in Mountain View, United States of America. Later on, after 7 months Scott Kriens was appointed as CEO to upstage the business. Juniper network in its initial stage gets popularity by its router M40. It was a networking router. Later many companies and businesses turn towards Juniper for networking products. Juniper networks go on ranking high in terms of revenue. A time comes when it becomes the most favorite company on wall street. Juniper network bumped Cisco networks in 2000. The main reason for this was the hardware configuration of Juniper routers. The hardware configuration of the Juniper router was solid as compared to Cisco. In 2002-2005 the 38% of the router's network was alone shared by Juniper. 50 giant companies were the main buyers of Juniper products alone. Juniper routers are very much proficient in terms of working. It provides good speed. Basically, they are good for the Internet. In the early stages of Juniper, their routers were well known as internet routers. It had a strong configuration of hardware followed by excellent software in build in it. It lasts long and had good working capacity. It has so good and strong configuration that in India and worldwide, it is also used as a second-hand product.

Due to its excellent hardware configuration. It has a great demand for refurbished networking products. Used Juniper routers are also used by many industries and Companies in India. A refurbished juniper router doesn't mean that it is some kind of old model or damaged router, No. It is the latest juniper router with an updated version of module updates in it. On selling the routers. Each router is checked and then sold by the seller. You can also check it configuration code mention on it. Through its code, you can Google it and check its installed modules. Refurbished T-series Juniper router, MX Series Juniper Edge Router, M series Combine edge routers and etc are some of the types of used Juniper routers. We at Green IT Soluzione sell all types of used Juniper routers, in good quality at an affordable price in Mumbai. The used Juniper Products are very cheap in price. You can get the exact working of a new router in the same configuration through a refurbished juniper router. We are not a new one in this business, We have more than decades of experience in selling Networking products in Andheri, Mumbai Suburban area. We have many happy customers. Our happy customers are our key to success. The customer's trust and good quality of hardware networking products are the main elements of our success. For more information, you can visit our workshop at Sakinak, Andheri, Mumbai. You can also avail of a good offer from us.

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